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Founded in 1995, KY GENERAL MACHINERY MANUFACTURING FACTORY has over 15 years experience in pneumatic staple & nail making machine, and our machines are sure a mature and well-functioning ones. Our products have two catagories of: Staples & Brad Nail making machine; Staples & Brads & Coil Nails.
Staples & Brad Nail making machines include "U" shaped staple making machine, brad nail making machine, single wire machine, wire compressing machine, wire assembling machine and straightening machine. "U" shaped staple making machine can produce office staples such as No.10, 24, 26 series, etc. and industrial staples such as 80, 90, 92, 100, 32, 35, 84, 97, 50, 71, 4J, 10J, 10F, 12F, K, N, 10×8F series, etc; Brad nail making machine can produce T and F series or 16 gauge brad and 18 gauge brad; Single wire machine can produce C ring, Hog ring and special nails.

Staples & Brads & Coil Nails include wire band, frame nails, heavy wire staple, corrugated fasteners, carton closing staples, brads, fine wire staples, medium wire staples and special fasteners. 

Over years' concentrating on this field and making good use of raw materials that are good in quality and low at price in China, we can, therefore, design and manufacture high class staple & nail making machine at competitive prices for our clients.

Furthermore, we are able to design and develop staple making machine, brad nail making machine and single wire machine according to customers’ requirements by our experienced engineers and skillful technical staffs.

After our continuous efforts, we have already exported our machines like nail making machine to South America, Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. We aim at giving the best solution to the staple and nail manufacturing for our clients. Striving for this goal, we will make continuous efforts to improve the quality of our machines. 

Welcome to contact us for further information about our products-staple, brad and coil nails, and staple & nail making machines.